Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The network and computing resources that you are going to access are solely for business purposes. Misuse or misappropriation is strictly prohibited. CLP Group of companies (CLP) reserves the right to audit all computers and systems which are connected to the network, the right to inspect all electronic communications, data, and information stored or transmitted on CLP's network and computing resources when necessary and appropriate and in accordance with local law. CLP also reserves the right to add necessary files to and modify the configuration of any connected computer or system to ensure both the security and integrity of CLP's network and computing resources. By completing the log-on process you are acknowledging and consenting to the above clauses. If you are not an authorized user please discontinue now.

Special note: if you access this CLP remote access gateway from country where there is in place control on the Internet access, you agree and accept that you must not access the Internet from this CLP infrastructure. You are fully accountable for responsibilities arising from infringing this control. You shall indemnify CLP against all actions, proceedings, losses, damages, costs, claims, demands or expenses which may be sustained or suffered by CLP arising out of or in connection with such Internet access. If you have uncertainties, please do not access the Internet while your computer is connecting to this CLP remote access gateway.